Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Curious...

i started this blog for myself more than anything... writing helps me think things through.  but i am also hoping it might help someone else down the road... i have been getting a decent amount of readers, but not alot of feedback.  do you all think i am crazy? agree with me? understand me? what? i am way too nosey to just be satisfied knowing people are reading this... i would like to know what you think...

i am trying to reach an established foundation that promotes melanoma awareness... they have a program that helps sponsor you in raising awareness in your own community.  sounds fantastic to me... i have 2 small children, so not alot of extra money to launch my own campaign.  but i have some ideas to get younger people talking about this disease, and tanning bed bans... just no outlet for them yet.  once i actually know more info on the program i will write all about it.

my husband told me last night he didn't understand why i was blogging... he went on to explain he realizes it is helping me... but am i doing anything for others? i couldn't answer... i didn't know.  but i did tell him that others might relate if they are going through similar.  that is what sparked this post... i see my numbers (of readers) are going up... but have no idea if i caught anyone's interest... i know my hubby had no intention of upsetting me with his comment, but it did... i want to help people and actually know i am making a difference, not just have an internet diary.  any feedback or suggestions is appreciated...


  1. I agree and understand that you are crazy but I still love you! :-D

  2. Its a personal journey. I started out trying to keep my family and friends informed because it was so much easier. Blog for yourself and you will find your own journeys. randi