Saturday, September 10, 2011


i drank a pot of caramel coffee this morning... my house looks amazing... but i am exhausted.  i had a ton of nervous energy... i never heard anything from dr b's office on friday.  so i have no idea when surgery will be... i just hope to get it over with soon...

cleaning, for me, is usually done when i am either nervous or upset... i put that energy to good use.  this morning was also fueled by my favorite yummy caramel coffee... i will probably have a spotless, organized house by the time surgery gets rescheduled.  but i need to lay off the coffee... i made myself jittery... almost as jittery as i used to be after 3 days with no food or sleep... so i know i need to chill.  coffee should not have the same effect as street drugs... and i suppose it didn't because i actually finished my projects today.  back in the day i would have just had a bunch of half completed projects.

i still think i need to come up with better ways to energize myself.  i used to be very active, then i had kids... don't get me wrong, they keep me busy, i just don't feel as active as i used to.  i haven't been hiking, or bike riding in years... the kids are still a little too young to ride bikes on the san diego streets.  i have a link to laughter yoga i am planning to check out, but not sure if it is for me.  i am looking for something to do that i feel productive for having done, as well as, increasing my activity level... any ideas?

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