Sunday, October 30, 2011


i have so many wishes right now... a lot of them due to fears.  but instead of focusing on the negative like that... let me instead share the positives... i wish i had more understanding of medical jargon.  it seems all of these reports are filled with code i need deciphered.  thank goodness for the melanoma bulletin boards out there!!! her are two that i have found very useful, and usually comforting:   Melanoma Research Foundation   Melanoma International Foundation

yet i still wish i knew more... i have a desire to learn more about fighting melanoma homeopathically.  but i can't afford an herbalist or DO (dr of osteopathy) which wikipedia explains: "Osteopathic medicine is considered by some in the United States to be both a profession and a social movement,[7][8] especially for its historically greater emphasis on primary care and holistic health."  so i have been researching... but without the knowledge of medical jargon i am finding myself easily confused, or distracted.
which brings me to dandelions... my daughter calls them "wish flowers."  but i found a site that shows they are so much more:  and honestly it looks great for me for a few different reasons... but then it says "Some individuals experience stomach pain because of hyperacidity."  and then i think of being recommended a book called The pH Miracle: From Acid to Alkaline... so do i want something that will increase acidity?!? i have no idea... and can't afford to run out and buy the book (i'm not even sure if it would answer that specific question anyhow).

then, there is a supplement i found... and it sounds fantastic! but i am a skeptical person... i used to be very trusting, always optimistic... but recently was burnt one too many times... i instantly became more cynical and pessimistic... but that is kinda off topic.  i was trying to explain interferon is a drug that is often treatment for stage 3 melanoma patients... and it scares the @#$% outta me.  you could have to give yourself home injections!!! i HATE needles! i used to say "if it's not leaving birth control, jewelry, or ink then get it away from me!" so when i found this supplement NutriFeron at
i was very excited, but curious too... is this too good to be true? is there validity to their claims?

what about the different teas out there? i would love to try sir jason winters tea, or read his book... again, money is the issue... but you can read about him here: - i think the original & green tea flavors sound great... but pricey.  i was also told a little about essaic tea again hindered by money, and medicinal knowledge... i don't want to risk interactions... or decide to go with one treatment a pro would know i never should have tried...

my hubby asked me for a wish list for christmas... i laughed because its bascially just knowledge, supplements, teas, and UPF clothing.  those are the things i want for now... i am working towards a campaign for melanoma awareness already... so that wasn't something i could ask him for.  if any of you readers who happen upon my blog know anything about these things please comment... that knowledge will make some of my wishes come true...

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