Friday, October 14, 2011

Crazy Mess...

yesterday i was able to catch up with an old friend... i will call her froggie... she was once of my closest friends imaginable.  but i wasn't too bright, i made some dumb decisions in the past... one of the biggest being letting our friendship slip... to make a long story short i was with a guy that was very BAD for me... and doing lots of experimental behaviour at the time.  i let him basically force me into choosing between her & him... since i was young & dumb i felt stuck... i lived with him and didnt feel i had anywhere else to go so i basically screwed froggie royally.  we lost touch... but we still have common friends, and i will always love her. 

i heard from the grapevine (auntie d aka tiger lady) that froggie lost her dad.  of course i immediately told her to pass along my condolences, and asked what he died from... to my surprise it was melanoma.  i HATE this disease!!! but my silver lining is that i spoke with froggie again... we talked for about an hour... about everything... but mostly this awful disease and my ideas for raising awareness... she is willing to let me share her dad's story.  she loves what i am trying to do...

when froggie called in response to a text i sent saying it was me & please call when you can i could tell she had no idea what to expect... and it was the same strained converstaions we had had since i chose my ex the @$$hole... until i filled her in on why i was calling, and what had been going on for me... when she asked how i was i replied a crazy mess... but i wouldn't be me if i wasn't... she agreed it is all part of my charm.  and understood the mess when i shared my diagnosis of melanoma was in may...  i am waiting for an email with the details of her dad's story... but the pieces i do know are typical of this awful disease... tumor removed, no further action needed... a few short months later he was hospitalized and never released...  more reasons this awful disease needs more awareness - even drs don't fully know what it is capable of.

speaking of drs, this crazy mess has my follow up appt today.  i find out what "icky" meant in terms of my nodes... i also hope to have the staples & stiches removed... bc yesterday i don't think i rinsed the area well enough after shampooing & conditioning my hair... so it started to get pink and inflammed.  i will post when i know more... for now i need to get ready for my appt.

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  1. I'm thinking positive for you today! Lots of love and crossed fingers. Hugs I <3 ya!