Saturday, October 8, 2011


my procedures were done on wednesday... i am very sore... i won't know anything until friday the 14th when i go in for follow up.  when the nurse was hooking up my iv she missed the first vein... i tried to tell her that meant no more... and my hubby said something about taking pain for me if he could... so i tried to talk the nurse into poking him from then on and leaving me alone... i told her he is my soulmate, that has to count for something... she didn't agree.  but she did like my sense of humor.  i even tried to let my hubby hitch a ride on my gurney with me... again they said no... but laughed.

when they injected me with dye to see where my sentinel nodes where they light up under both arms... so they sampled from each side.  i am still hoping this is all precautionary.  and they took about a centimeter more from the initial scar around all sides.  i was prepared for them to take from my left underarm since the initial site was my back/left shoulder blade... wasn't prepared for them to take from my right underarm... but am glad the procedures are over now.  so i wait... until friday the 14th to find out if there was anything there.  the dr said both lymphs were icky, but we wont know until later what that means.  such a technical term tho... icky... i can only hope it means i am fighting off a cold and not more cancer.

i am way too sore to type anymore.  sorry if this makes little sense, they gave me vicodin... and since i got sober in '05 i turned into a lightweight... i think i am going to take another nap.  i will let you know as soon as i know anything.

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  1. Hey girl... my mole was on my upper chest near the right hand side. When my doctor did my lymph node biopsy under my right arm, while I was still in recovery, she went to talk to my parents and told them she could see straight off that one lymph node was cancerous just by looking at it, so that's the one she took. It later tested positive. I don't know what "icky" means but I'd be eager to find out as well. I told my surgeon to go back in and yank the rest, I didn't want to take any chances. Turns out the rest were negative but I'm glad to have done it anyways. So maybe your icky means one looked positive, or maybe not... you never know. Just take good care of yourself in the meantime, and it sounds like you've got a peach of a hubby there taking care of you and making you laugh. Love to you, and healing energy.