Friday, January 6, 2012

Just My Luck...

picc line was inserted yesterday... my hubby drove me... that is both fantastic and frustrating... he is not patient when at a drs office or similar... especially if they provide free coffee in their lobby... or if they go more than half an hour over a scheduled appointment... and yesterday was 1 1/2 hrs after my scheduled time.

after i was given a gown, changed, then brought to procedure room... my hubby calmed as i was changing... thank goodness he did or i might have ended up running away after you hear what happened next... the nurse called 911 to rush the person who was ahead of me to the hospital.  fortunately my hubby was in good spirits at this point and started cracking jokes to keep me mellow.

there was some question over why a picc line and not a port for treatment... i am hoping to have a better idea monday.  but i believe picc line was prefered because the first month of interferon is daily infusions.  i do know they placed the picc line in my dominant arm... the non dominant arm has a severely atypical mole that will be getting cut out.  i am hoping my arm will feel normal again once this thing heals...

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