Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 3...

i just came from my third infusion... day 1 was monday the 9th... they had to do lab work first... then saline drip connected to my picc line... then 3 more little iv bags- 1 was for nausea, one was for pain, and one was benadryl... i had never knowingly had benadryl before and told my nurse... she said it will go one of two ways- it would either knock me out... or it would give me restless legs... but before she could get that last sentence out my legs were jumping all over the place... so she gave me something for that too... then the interferon after all that... so i was kinda out of it on day 1.  i ended up sleeping most of the day away.

day 2 seemed to be much better at first... my iv cocktail was only the saline, half the amount of benadryl, and the interferon.  i felt great after the infusion... i had energy and wasnt all groggy... until early afternoon i noticed my hip was hurting again... i took a tylenol, it kinda helped... but within the hour i was getting the chills.  i ended up under 3 large quilts... with a space heater aimed at me... it wasnt warming me so my hubby came home early to take care of me... once he got me warmed up i fell asleep.   when i woke back up i was dehydrated and feverish... took more tylenol and tried to eat... not the greatest idea... but i tried.

day 3 just finished my infusion about an hour ago... so far i feel fine, but i learned yesterday that doesnt mean much...  i just wanted to update everyone on how things are so far...

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