Wednesday, August 31, 2011


i keep forgetting to specify the location of where my melanoma was discovered... it was my left shoulder blade / upper back area.  the scar is somewhere between 5 1/2 - 6 inches long.  i am not sure what it will look like after the next procedures, or if there will then be multiple scars... i have had 5 punch biopsies since may.  2 of those were from the tumor bc it wasn't tiny.  the other three were done on my first follow up in july and fortunately came back as compound nevi not atypical according to the derm's pa. 

one of the those recent biopsies is beginning to come back very DARK... but i will discuss that with all my drs because i am not sure which one i should direct that to... i tried to get a pic of that too, but i seem to reflet too much for my camera to get a clear pic.  its ok tho, i am used to it.  i have always glowed, or else i was bright red and sunburnt... until i peeled and began glowing again.  i never really held a tan very well.  now, i wish i had never tried... sa la vie.


  1. You'll have the scar you already have, probably just longer if they're doing a wide section, they have to make sure they get clearn margins all around it. Mine was on my upper chest and I'm heavy in the chest area anyways. They used stitches underneath but derma bond on the outside, and it was a mess because the weight of my boobs pulled the scar apart so it healed, but it looks like a big old burn mark. Yours should be better. Depending on where that area on your back drains to, you'll either have another scar on your neck, or under your arm like I did. This will be the biopsy scar and will only be a few inches long, really easy. If you decide to have them remove all your lymph nodes, like I did, you'll have a longer scar. I'm sure you've seen the pics on my site of mine. You'll also have a drain where they take the nodes out too. Again, sounds painful, but surprisingly it wasn't.
    I've told the moderator of Bad Ass Melanoma Warriors to let you in so you should be approved soon. :)
    Oh, and about the questions, do what I did and write them all down and bring them with you to the doctor. Then you'll feel that at least you know what's going to happen.

  2. My scar is the mirror of yours. It's nice to see (if that's possible) someone else just like me. I expected my second procedure to leave me with a 2" scar. Oh well.
    Thanks for writing. Love it

  3. it is nice to hear someone understands... even if you wish they didn't have to... thanks kris!