Saturday, December 10, 2011

Unexpected Day...

i have been feeling pretty weak emotionally... not sure i could make the choices i need to make... basically feeling super overwhelmed.  then today comes along and shakes everything up again... but for the better.  i had seen a post on one of the melanoma bulletin boards i look to for answers... it was for Cancer 101, and a planner they sell (for $20) that they personalize to your specific cancer.  they also work with you if you are unable to afford the cost.  their site was   i called and asked about the melanoma planner to be told that it was temporarily out of stock, but would be mailed to me in 4-6 wks.  i think that was maybe 2 wks ago... and i got the planner today.  it is really awesome! so full of info, resources, and charts to track treatment or symptoms.  i am really impressed.  they also sent an accordion file organizer with tabs for pathology/test results, research, patient education materials, and more... 

"pretend" sent me an early text saying she admired me for making these difficult decisions, and basically just surviving all these changes recently.  then she went on to blog about it too.  it was so hard to read through the waterworks pouring out of my eyes.  but i really needed to hear everything she said.  i suppose that is how people end up becoming close friends when they know without you ever having to say.  its kinda funny we rarely talk on weekends anymore because we are both wives and mothers... but for whatever reason this particular morning we did... and i needed to hear everything she said... i was beginning to doubt myself, and my strength to make important choices...

yesterday, my hubby and i were being very snappy with eachother... which any married person will tell you is very normal every once in awhile.  but today we were able to work past that and actually not be irritated with each other.  honestly, there are some days there is nothing you can do without consistently rubbing each other raw... so today to be such a polar opposite is very nice.  those days aren't always so easily worked through. 

and the cherry on my saturday morning/afternoon-ish time... my dad randomly called and said get the kids ready and he will take them to the park.  the kids love their granparents, so they were very excited at this idea... a little bummed nana wasn't coming (or working on dolls, i think that would have been acceptable to them).  that is how i am actually able to blog in the middle of the day on a weekend. 

i have gotten so used to my unexpected days being all bad news i kinda forgot they can be all positive too.  and it was nice to have that reminder when it was so desperately needed.  thanks again "pretend" i don't think i can thank you enough for your encouragement and support, even from 3,000 miles away!!!

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  1. The most beautiful thing about true friendship is you never have to say thank you, I will always be here for you no matter how much land stands in between us. Love you!